Vichy Capital Soleil Sheer Lotion amp Suncare Oil Review

Summer is just around the corner (although judging by the past weeks rainy weather, I wouldnt have guessed)- so its time to start thinking of upping your sun care routine if you plan on spending more time outside! Vichy has recently launched two new formulations to their (already extensive) Capital Soleil sun care line, including the Sheer Lotion SPF 60 Bare Skin Feel and the High Protection Suncare Oil SPF 30. All of Vichys sun care products are appropriate for sensitive skin, are fragrance-free (so happy to see that) and are water resistant. They are also quick-drying, great for all skin-types and are photostable; this means that they dont deteriorate at first contact to light (photons)- they stay efficient for 2 hours of continuous broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Sheer Lotion SPF 60 Bare Skin Feel

One of the biggest complaints that I see about sunscreen, is that it feels gross. I can totally relate slathering on greasy, thick sunscreen that leaves me looking oily and shiny is never pretty- so I can understand why its a bittersweet battle! We know more than ever how important it is to protect our skin against sun exposure to reduce the risks of skin cancer and pre-mature aging.

The Vichy Capital Soleil Sheer Lotion SPF 60 Bare Skin Feel ($28.59 USD / $29.95 CAD) is exactly what we all need. Not only does it feel just like a regular part of your skincare routine, but it has a dry-touch finish, its not greasy and its great for face and body. The sunscreen itself looks a lot like the traditional stuff I remember slathering on as a kid opaque white with the consistency of a regular body lotion. The real difference is how it looks and feels after it has been absorbed. After I rub it into my skin, it disappears completely leaving no white cast, shine or residue. It really does feel like bare skin (I even asked my boyfriend to feel which hand had sunscreen on it, and he couldnt tell). Good job, Vichy!

The smell isnt exactly pleasant, but its better than a lot of sunscreens Ive tried. It does have a sunscreen scent, but it is much softer (almost more powdery of a scent, if that makes sense).


High Protection Suncare Oil SPF 30

When I first saw the Vichy High Protection Suncare Oil SPF 30 ($28.59 USD / $29.95 CAD) I was a bit confused I usually associate oils with tanning, baking, frying.. you know those dark tan oils you see beach bums slathering on? Well, this one is different. This oil is hydrating and soothing like many others, but this one offers a high SPF (much better than those SPF 4 bottles Ive seen like, really?) as well as broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It has a fresh floral scent, although its not too noticeable over the sunscreen smell, and it leaves your skin looking absolutely incredible (think the J.Lo Glow).

It feels a lot like a body oil, but it doesnt feel greasy at all. It makes your legs and arms look radiant and feel so soft. Its quite interesting! My only gripe is that it can get a bit messy. It has a spritz-nozzle so oil can really get everywhere. Honestly though, apply this over some faux tanned skin and youll look like you just spent a week on the beach.


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