Very Useful Cortex Curling Clip!

This is a curling clip by Cortex that came with my hair straightener. I`ve seen clips like this sold at beauty supplies stores before too, and I highly recommend them. I used to use claw clips to section off my hair when I straighten or curled it, but sometimes that would get my hair tangled, and it was inconvenient and time consuming to have to comb through the sections again. Also sometimes my hair would just fall out of those claw clips because I have a lot of hair! This one clip is enough, and it`s all I need to use when curling or straightening my hair. Isn`t that amazing?

It`s designed in a way that it can hold basically all my hair, I can`t speak for everyone because some people might have thicker hair than I do, but either way it`s worth trying. It has this kind of bended shape with a loop at the top, which is how it manages to hold all that hair. It`s shape is super helpful because I can use the end tip to quickly section my hair, and then instantly spiral my hair in a small bun. I only need to use one hand, and that makes the curling/straightening process much more efficient.

I`ve seen packs of these for $2-$3 at some beauty supply stores, so definitely give it go!

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