Very late outfit, christmas party (ball) last year

Hey guys!

Long time no see, or me actually posting! I haven`t been able to post for almost a year but still I have been active on luuux by commenting and rating, etc!!! I just had so much stuff to do, I started college or I guess it`s more like pre-college, and the school system in Iceland is pretty different! However I`m doing IB and I was in Pre-IB, just finished my finals yesterday so now I can finally post for like the next 2 weeks!

Enough of ramble and lets get into the post haha! So this is the outfit that I wore to the christmas ball last year which is liek 6 months ago I know that am late to post about this outfit but as I said ... I had no time!

I`m wearing this loose kind of blouse, shirt thing and its grey as you can see! You can also see that it has some gold detailing! Because of the gold detailing there I decided to wear the rose gold michael kors watch that I got for christmas from luuux! I love this website and I have ordered I think 4 or 5 orders not quiet sure! Anyway I`m absolutely in love with this watch and I think its amazing!

The leggings I got from Sri Lanka, my mum gave it to me when she went last time so I don`t know what shop or anything but the leggings have like sequence detailing but you can`t really see! I`m sorry that I don`t really have other pictures!

Anyway you guys can wear this kind of outfit if your going on a girls night out dinner and if your going to the movies and etc... so just be creative and you can style differently this kind of outfit!

I look very weird in the photo so am sorry but I really didn`t take many pictures of myself so yeah! :S

Enjoy and leave a comment below telling me if you liked it or not and also please thumb up or rate this post I would appreciate it so much. Follow me on luuux and add me as your friend!

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