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9 months ago

Now I`m not a huge fan of wearing a bra, but I do anyways. When I go out I do, but when I`m at home wearing a nice loose sweatshirt , then I let it go free... Lol
So since I`m not a huge bra fan, I don`t shop for expensive bras. I usually get mine at Ross where you find department brand bras for cheaper. Sometimes I pick up one at Walmart if I happen to see a nice one. I personally prefer strapless bras. The straps have something against me, I swear... Lol... It doesn`t want to stay put on my shoulders. Most of the time I`m pulling my straps back up. So that`s why I always opt for strapless. They stay up, hold your babies in place and no strap to worry about. So that`s why you don`t see me post about Victoria Secret hauls until now.
This bra is my very first bra from Victoria Secret and it was a gift from my niece. It`s just a bra with a simple design, nothing fancy. It`s a bright fuschia colored bra though! The only intricate design on it is the little bit of lace it has on top of the V part of the cups. It doesn`t have a metal wire underneath the bra but I do feel some sort of softer plastic wiring. The cup is very plush. It does have a strap which is not removable. Which of course I prefer strapless. The price I see on the tag is $39.50. Pretty expensive for a bra if you tell me. But I think she got it at a discount.
Personally would I myself go out and buy myself a bra from Victoria Secret. I think not, unless it`s on sale or something which I know they have most of the time. But when they do, the stores are so jam packed and I fear most of my size is gone.
I think the main reason for their bras being so expensive is just the branding and marketing techniques they use. I think you could find bras that are just as good at a cheaper price at other stores like Ross for instance.
Now some claim their bra to be longer lasting and some say they last just as long as other bras from other brands. There may be truth to both these claims. I just think you have to pick the one with the right quality.
But do I like this bra that was given to me, yes. But I wouldn`t go out of my way to buy one. Maybe if I`m nearby and they`re having sale. I think I`ll stick to my strapless for now.

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