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At Walmart, there was a really <em>good</em> deal for this Verizon Go Phone. It was on sale for $14.88, originally $19.88 plus you get free $10 air time. There are a few plan options you can chose from 1) $50 unlimited talk/text/web 2) $1.99 unlimited talk on the days you use your phone 3) $0.99 cents unlimited talk to Verizon phones and 10 cents per minute to other phone companies or 4) $0.25 cents per minute.

You can basically use 10 days of free unlimited talk if you talk to someone with Verizon but I don`t have Verizon so we can`t chose that option-- so my boyfriend will be using this phone when he goes on his work trip and he`ll be using the $1.99 unlimited talk for the day so that`s 5 days worth of calling unlimited which is pretty nice.

The value of the phone is technically like $4.88 which isn`t bad because it`s equipped with a 1.3 mega pixel camera. Not the best ever but after my boyfriend`s done using the phone, this can be passed down to his 3 year old nephew who loves playing with phones. And $10 is free so that`s 5 days, not bad.

This phone is great for people who have certain days they talk a lot and don`t want to interfere with going over minutes, or phone for emergencies. To set up the phone is really quick and easy, takes less than 5 minutes!

I`d highly recommend these go phones. If you`re in the market to buy a go phone try to find one that has "free airtime included" -- it`s a nice incentive. Last Go Phone my boyfriend used was from AT&T and he spent $30 ($15 for the phone that was just a standard phone w/out camera and $15 for 7 days $2 a day, he could have bought 2 of these and have 10 days and end up being cheaper!)

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