Venice, Italy - My Dream Destination [1]

5 years ago

The Place of Romance, food, enchanting Gondola rides.

I decided I am going to do a mini series of posts of places I want to go and why! I decided to start off with...

<strong> Stunning Venice!</strong>

When I was in Year 6 our school put on a performance, one part dedicated to a Venice scene, and ever since then and before i knew i wanted to go there with my boyfriend or husband after school!

These are some of the most photos are realistic as well, not photoshopped or a dream.

Obviously as I said this is one of the Romantic places in the world, the beautiful waters and buildings and the gondolas, the wine, the eerie lights. Just my kind of place!

When you look at some of the photos you can see small houses/apartments with a pathway or just connected right to the water with boats! I guess boats could be just like cars there!

Some of the buildings have a rustic and bright feel to it, very unique! The brick layers and such, some buildings in the middle of the water! I would spend all day just looking at one building!

I love how it seems to have stayed back in time, how everything is not as modern but gives you the feel of warmness, i don`t know if you guys get that, but i do!

Venice is populated with over 270,000 people! And of course, situated in Italy, has amazing cuisine and dishes!

it is actually has been said that Venice captured the impression of a magical floating city by setting wood pilings on the 118 submerged islands in the Northern end of the Adriatic Sea. And so many famous people were born in Venice!
It is also described as a maze! And that the best way to explore Venice is to get lost and to be surprised!

If you ask someone about the eeriest of creepiest place in the whole of Venice they direct you to a place called Ca`Dario, why so freaky? There was a series of unexplainable deaths which seem to affect all of its owners first started way back when it was first built in 1847, that gives me the creeps writing it.

There is also a market called Rialto Market, it has fresh fishes and Vegies and colorful flowers! The best time to check it out is early in the morning when there is not too many people. Also there is a type of rule where you never ever touch the produce! This applies to all of Italy as well, you ask them what you want and they give you the best, and be happy to as well!

It seems like such an enchanting and mystic place, somewhere that I need to go one day, photos just don`t cut it!

<strong> Photos are not mine, check source link below</strong>

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