Venezuelan Arepas!

4 years ago

This is one of the most popular dish in Venezuela (and colombia as well). They`re called arepas, they are sort of like a bread but not exactly, it`s precooked corn meal and you can make them in different ways like grilled, baked, or fried. The one i ate was baked; they`re kind of simillar to pupusas, but pupusas are made with the toppings inside of it and these you add the toppings after they`re cooked. You mix the corn meal with water and a little salt until they get to the consitancy of dough, not too hard but not too liquid. Enough to where you can shape them and than you just bake, grill or fry them for several minutes (depending on which method you use) and afterwards you can cut them open as i`ve done & stuff them with any meat, cheese, veggies or toppings you`d like. I personally like to add butter, cheese, ham, eggs, avocado, black beans and a little hot sauce. This one has butter, egg, cheese, leftover ribs (without bbq sauce), and leftover sausage! :d You can add as little or as many toppings as you`d like. You would eat them as if they were a burger, or you could mush all the toppings in a bowl and eat it as if it were chilli or oatmeal. You could also eat them plain with soup as you would bread. There`s so much you could do with arepas, and they`re very tasty!! They`re typically a breaskfast food but they`re eaten at any time of day.

~Has anyone ever tried arepas?
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