Vending Machine with Microwave

4 years ago

Now when you are in need of a quick snack during a long, arduous day, you don`t have to settle for an unsatisfying bag of cookies from the vending machine. This new vending machine will serve you a piping hot meal AND a cold drink. That saves you the trouble of going from one vending machine to another.

Don`t know how it works? Well, it was built to be a refrigerated machine with a working microwave on the inside. That way, it can heat up burritos and sandwiches for you after you purchase it.

I`m expecting to see this in college towns pretty soon. The price for the machine is pretty hefty, but consider how much money you will get in return!

I can`t believe I got excited when my vending machine back in high school sold cold sandwiches and soy milk. lol.

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