Vending Machine With A Bad Temper

5 years ago

One thing that all machines, not matter how crazy, have in common is that they want your money no matter what!
Hoewever, there is a vending machine that is not interested in $ but rather in making fun of you and lecture you.

This vendind machine is located in Utah and its callled "LiVe Vending Machine" and it is in fact full of life, or at least an atitidue.
This machine, that looks like it has delicious and unhealthy inside, won`t let you eat anything and that is beacuse it doesn`t acept money but instead everytime you get to use it you hear a comment like:
<strong>How about you run to the grocery store and pick up some fresh fruit or somethin? You could use a healthy snack and the run wouldnt hurt either.</strong>

So you won`t get to take anything out of it but instead you will get a comment that will remind you that you shouldn`t be near that machine anyway.

Now the comments do seem funny, i found them to be hilarious, but thats because im not the one using the machine. The point of the machine is to encorage people to stop using vending machines that have unhealthy food but i think some people might get offended with some comments, so i don`t know how much the machine will last.

- Check out the video to see the machine criticizing people!

<strong>What do you think of this machine? Hilarious or Offensive?</strong>

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