Veliki Tabor Castle in Croatia

5 years ago

Hello Everybody :)

So, to continue with my castle series here on Luuux, today I present to you guys the number 6 on my list. This time I will write about the Veliki Tabor Castle in Croatia.

This castle was built in the 12th century and it is located in the amazing and beautiful region of Zagorje, Croatia. Now, who owns this castle is the state and it is a touristic spot and also the castle hold a museum for tourists to go visit and learn more about its history.

The museum have a lot of interesting things to go see, but what I would love to see is the colection of swords and armor, paintings and pottery that is in exhibition.

This is another beautiful place to go visit when traveling in Europe. I can`t wait to go visit all those amazing places full of history and magic :)

what do you guys think of this castle? would you like to go visit it? Have you ever been in this castle?

let me know


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