Vegetarian Braised Tofu :) Yummy :)

So today i decided to cook myself some healthy lunch and will possibly be my dinner as well:D Recently I have been trying to keep healthy by eating as much vegetables as possible so decided to make myself a tofu dish since I loveeee Tofu. I couldn`t think of what to mix with the tofu so I decided to just add as many vegetables as I can, this idea came from a video on YouTube I watched a few weeks ago. It was a video on a vegetarian Taiwanese Braised Tofu dish which I was keen on trying out, but of course added a few of my own ingredients. But this dish was so tasty and I did however eat it with Organic Rice which was even more better for me:D So here is the ingredients I used to make this dish and also the link of where I did get the idea from:)Enjoy *photos are mine*

1) Tofu
2) Garlic
3) Ginger
4) Mushrooms (any type, I chose Chestnut Mushrooms- You can soak this while chopping up the vegetables)
5) Beans (any type, I chose flat beans)
6) Red, green and Yellow pepper or any color of your choice
7) Olive oil
8) Spinach
9) Rice- Optional

1) Tamari Soy Sauce- Or just plain soy sauce
2) Vegetable stock- Optional
3) Salt and pepper for extra taste

Method 1:
1) Firstly before starting everything ensure to soak and wash the mushrooms thoroughly in water

2) Whilst soaking the mushrooms you can start by chopping about 3-4 garlic cloves just to add flavor and also with that chop up some ginger and leave on the side

3) After chopping ginger and garlic, you can now chop up the green onions in a any way how you like it

4) Get your red, green and yellow pepper and wash and clean before thinly slicing them, if they are quite large, just half them when sliced just to make them the right size you don`t want the pepper to be too long.

5) Wash and slice your beans and spinach and set aside with the other ingredients

6) Now time to slice the mushrooms, you can use as many as you want and slice this to how you like it

7) And lastly chop your tofu in squares evenly and set aside

Method 2:
1) In a frying pan add about 2-3 tablespoons of oil on high flame and ensure the pan and oil are very hot to avoid tofu sticking to the pan- You have to be quite patient when frying the tofu as they do tend to stick, cook them until crispy golden brown I would say about 10-15 minutes

2) Whilst frying tofu, in another pan possibly a wok, add some olive oil and then add your garlic and ginger and green onions to fry

3) Once fried, now add mushrooms, beans, peppers and spinach with the fried garlic, ginger and green onions on a medium flame and cover this until all vegetables are fully cooked

4) Once cooked now add the tofu with the vegetable dish and now you can start adding sauce, if you are using vegetable stock crush this and sprinkle over the dish, next step is to add your soy sauce just enough to cover whole dish and sprinkle a small amount of salt and pepper for taste.

5) Now mixed the dish thoroughly until all covered in sauce and go according to your taste:)

And you are done with the dish- Eat and serve this with rice if you wish, or its nice to all eat it plain.:) Enjoy:)

*photos are mine* Link below where I got the idea

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