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4 years ago

Hi Luuuxers

So its really hard to find a good deodorant that last long and smells good and dont give me any irritation. I mean deodorant is something that everyone uses I hope so because its just basic hygiene. Did anyone know that Vaseline made deodorant? I just thought that they made skin lotions and lip care oh well I do now. I went into boots the other day and saw this deodorant and for anyone who doesnt know what boots is its just a popular drug store in the UK. So I decided to buy it because I have had a good history with Vaseline products and it was on special offer so it thought why not. I mean that was a really good decision because I really like this product it last long and I only have to spray it a few times a day and Im good to go. It smells pretty good and it did not give me any irritation. It had a fresh smell and a fresh feel to it yeah I know that sounds weird but it feels really could and maybe it because its a spray too I hate the deodorant stick they are all sticky and not really nice. So whats your favourite deodorant?

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