Vans Warped Tour 2013

I`m not exaggerating when I say Warped Tour (or I guess concerts in general) are my life. Seriously! It`s all I think about, and I`m excited for it all year.

2011 was the year I stopped going to Kiss FM Jingle Bell Bash and started going to Warped Tour. I was 12. 2011 was great, but 2012 was even MORE phenomenal. They somewhat recently announces the dates, which i long awaited. I`m going to admit, I was and am still disappointed. See, I live in Seattle, Washington, but my best friends and I travel down to Oregon every year for Warped. Every year we have been the last date, and it was awesome. It was deep into Summer (beginning to mid August) and it was amazing. Now? Oregon is the SECOND. DATE.

Why did they have to change it? They practically flipped the dates backwards. The way it was, was great. My main frustration about this change is that I`m still in school at my date, June 16th. The last day of school is June 19th. My date is on a SUNDAY, which was devastating. However, my parents understand how important Warped is to me. They are letting me take the next Monday and Tuesday off, but for some reason, they want me to attend the last day. I should be grateful for them letting me take those two days off (which I VERY much am), but going to school shortly after Warped Tour is weird, you know? Whatever, maybe I`m being over dramatic. But it`s just my thoughts!

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