Vans VS Converse.

4 years ago

Hey, haven`t "Luuuxed" In a while, Sorry that wasn`t funny it was a terrible joke. Anyway, moving on. Who has joined the craze of Vans And Converse i know i have certainly. But Which one is better.
Firstly there the same price range and they do exactly the same job.

Converse- For me converse are a lot more comfortable and they seem more supportive. However, they seem quite bulky,

Vans- Make your feet look really cute, Really nice laceup option. However, they hurt your feet, make your feet smell and fall apart pretty easy.

But look that is my opinion, tell me yours?
I live in rainy England you might live somewhere hot where you get nice weather so the rain doesn`t wreck your shoes. YOU TELL ME?
I personally prefer converse, c`mon guys disagree with me?

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