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5 years ago

Finally its done my Vanity room and I couldn`t of been more happier with the outcome. We recently decided to do some renovations in our home one of the things we did was put down laminate wood flooring which is beautiful. We also repainted my vanity room seeking something more neutral before I had a dusty purple color I don`t remember the name off hand this time my paint I chose was from Lowes and its Dusty Trails from Olympic its perfect the white trim is such a nice contrast and I feel now that I have a neutral color I can change my decor as much as I want in the future and it will always go with my wall color. Above is a photo of my actual vanity which I have had so it is not a new purchase and it came from Pier 1. The rugs I got at a discount chain called Gabriel Brothers for $9.99 these were a total score for me as anywhere else I pry would of paid $25 to $30 for each of my rugs. My Chair is new and its from Kirklands it is discontinued on the Kirklands website but can be found in some stores this was $79.99 on sale for $59.99 as well as I had a $10 coupon. Yes I`m a bargain shopper I don`t pay retail for anything I don`t have to!
The next piece of furniture I`m going to share with you is my mirrored Horchow Buffet this is by far my favorite piece of furniture in my vanity room and I tell you why because this piece retails for $800 - $1200 on the Horchow website but I got an unbelievable steal on this it came into my local TJ Maxx for $299 the mirror was broke on one drawer so they marked it down to $249 still more than I wanted to spend I stalked this piece of furniture for a month and the manager knew it she told me if I wait just one more week it will go to final markdown I waited and I couldn`t believe I got this for $125! This suits my for my storage needs that`s why I love it so much every drawer holds part of my Bath and Body Works Collection I have a drawer for everything, Lotion, Shower Gel, Body Creams, I even have a drawer for my Victoria`s Secret stuff which I don`t have that much of so it all fits in one along with my Body Shop Products its some very classy storage for sure. Also on top of my Horchow I always keep a candle burning, my perfume collection out and the beautiful lamp came from TJ Maxx as well and was a Christmas present from my mother.
The last and final piece of furniture in my vanity room I`m sharing with you is my mirrored lingerie chest also from Pier 1 this like my Horchow serves a store purpose this is where I keep all my makeup. My valances came from JCPenney for $6 ea I also have some pictures I purchased for my vanity room the one above my couch is a gorgeous flower paint that I got at
Gabriel`s along with my rugs for $9.99 the other 2 pictures are of butterflies I love butterflies I can`t say this enough and I got these cute pictures for $5 ea at
Big Lots. It took us about a month to get everything done between
painting, flooring and decorating
like I stated from the beginning I love my vanity room and think its gorgeous I feel so privileged to have a whole room dedicate to beautifying my self!

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