Vanillary Solid Perfume Lush Review!

5 years ago

If you saw my previous post I talked about some solid perfume, well.. TA-DAH (:

So this is Vanillary from Lush, and it`s a solid perfume.

Now you may be thinking,
"It won`t apply properly?"

Well that`s what I thought, but you rub you`re finger on it and you can put it anywhere you want on you`re skin and you can smell it there and on you`re finger!

The packaging is the exact same as the lip gloss. It has a very strong Vanilla smell, and is nice! I don`t see it as a Winter or Autumn smell, more of a light spring or summer smell!

The trick is that you have to rub it on you`re neck, so when people hug you they can smell that, and think you are clean, you`re hair smells awesome etc (:

I really like this product, but I am not sure I would re-purchase it, would depend in what mood I was in!

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one. DO you like lush?
two. Have you ever tried solid perfume?

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