Vanilla girl or Vanilki is a new subculture that originated more recently (compared to all the youth subcultures, only a few years ago). And this line of coverage, only girls.The main distinguishing feature from other youth movements - is the constant wearing of a camera (by and large mirror), and in all places. Also, these girls have a high emotion and sensuality.With the camera, Vanilki convey the emotional mood, and this is the only way they can do it.Most of the time they spend in only two places: 1) in the street, doing new stuff and 2) social networks (such Vkontakte, FaceBook) - this is where there is an exchange of photos, and as a consequence of emotional experiences.If you touch the psychological characteristics, they are very vulnerable. If you do not share their fantasies, the offense can last many months. Also, these girls are very naive as a 14 year old kid. In other words we can say that this is a romantic girl who constantly fly in the clouds.Vanilki like to maintain their status, always standing out, for example constantly drink coffee and cigarettes. By and large, this is done for show than for real addiction to caffeine and nicotine. A little later, a way of life, with "habit" to sit on the window sill, looking into the distance and dreaming about something romantic.Unlike other youth subcultures, they like to read books, favoring Western authors. And the books are read, extremely romantic content, nothing else in this movement is not recognized (for literature).In the musical preference, priority is given to style Indie and Brit Pop, since they are able to convey romance (vanilla), mood and emotions.

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