Vanilla Cinnamon Oatmeal

2 years ago

Who doesn`t love waking up to a delicious, healthy breakfast? Ok, maybe I could skip the healthy part sometimes and go for some bacon. But eating a healthier breakfast will keep you more alert and prepared for the long day ahead of you. My favorite is oatmeal! I love the oatmeal that is plain and you have to cook the oats (not the prepackaged ones). I prefer this kind because there`s no flavor in it and it gives you more options to make it your own! Here`s my rendition....

-3/4 cup of Heart Healthy Quacker Oats
-1 cup of milk
-1/4 cup of Coffee Mate Vanilla coffee creamer
-Grapes (red or green)
- (any other fruits you want!)

Simply pour the oats into a bowl and then add the milk and the coffee creamer. I find that adding the coffee creamer makes it sweeter and adds flavor. Depending on the day I`ll add a 1/2 cup of coffee creamer instead of 1/4. Then add as much cinnamon as you want. I usually just pour a teaspoon in and mix everything. I pop the bowl into the microwave for about 2 minutes.
While the bowl is cooking I take about 6-7 grapes and cut them in half and put to the side. Then I take 2-3 slices of pineapple and cut them into cubes. When the 2 minutes are up I take the bowl, mix it one last time and then dump the fruits into the bowl and enjoy! The perfect, yet healthy breakfast to keep you going! Also is it shown that oats actually keep you fuller for longer but don`t contain that many calories. So its a perfect meal to add into your diet plan.


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