Vancouver sample sale 2012

5 years ago

I was really meaning to go to this sample sale where I live on the first day since I saw on the flyer that there was Micheal Kors!! I completely forgot since that day I wanted to go visit my sick boyfriend who was stuck at home so i went to cheer him up with some helium ballons I got at the mall and my homemade card. The stupid thing was walking with helium ballons. I can see everyone looking at me and kids screaming to their parents that they want a balloon too!! Haha I secretly like that the kids want my ballons because I never had them when I was a kid so I`m living the dream LOL. Anyways the thing that sucks was when I had the journey to walk to my boyfriends house and by the time I got there and turned around. When i bought them, there was two ballons that said get well soon and three other ones but when I turned around, i saw the last get well balloon escaping and roaming free up in the air. I was so sad because i was only left with two!!!! TWO OUT OF THE FIVE :(. I just stood there with a invisible tear in my eye while watching the ballon drift further and further away.

ANYWAYS, enough of my random rambling LOLOLOL, back to the haul! So this sample sale was by "The sample sale guys" and let me just say, I was imaging that I had to be fighting a crowd of people but I got there and it was just like a day shopping at winners, super calm and just about twenty people in a big room. The clothes were all in racks and nice and neat with tables full of brand name jeans. Most of the stuff was ehh and they advertised it as a designer brand sale but I have to disagree. Its just like stuff you`d find at below the belt and boys co. They were alright. The boy`s stuff was much much better then girls stuff but I did manage to find a few pieces I liked. the price range was from $30-$150 so I thought it was alright.

Things I got were:
-Cheap monday slated grey shirt $30
-Cheap monday Zydney bag in sky grey $45
-Hollywood made razor back tank top $30
-Lady dutch light blue demin skirt $30; I just love the button detailing!
-True religion swim shorts $60 (My boyfriend was too excited and wore it before I could even take a picture of it >_<)
-Dry soda shorts $40 (Boyfriend wearing it already too :(..Sorry guys)
-Paul frank devil and angel t-shirt $10

I got some really great pieces for decent price but I don`t think i`d be returning to this sample sale since a lot of the pieces has something wrong with it. The blue demini skirt was missing a loop and somewhat ripped on the side but I fixed that up no problem. The button came off too when I got home but I fixed that with a thread and needle :). Overall I`m pleased I got some basics but I`d rather go the Dakota group sample sale that happens only twice a year.

Anyways do you like to go to sample sales or warehouse sales? Have you made any really good purchases?

*All pictures are mine*

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