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4 years ago

So since just recently I`ve been researching on men`s shaving and how I can cure my boyfriend`s irradiated skin from not shaving correctly. I`ve bought hi some witch hazel, benzo perioxide, hydrocortisone cream and finally a shaving cream! I will do a updated post on his skin and maybe get him to review the shaving cream too :). Anyways back to the haul.

We only had three choices for shaving cream from Lush which was:
-Prince Triple orange blossom ($12.95 CAD for 100 g or $24.95 CAD for 225 g; UK prices are $5.25 CAD for 100 g or $15.27 CAD for 225 g)
-Dirty $12.95 CAD for 3.5 oz (102 g); UK price is $7.95 CAD
-Ambrosia $9.95 CAD for 100 g and $18.95 CAD for 225 g; UK prices are $7.23 CAD for 100 g and $14.39 CAD for 225 g

For us, there was only three choices. Prince was pretty thick for a shaving cream but it was really moisturizing, Ambrosia has the consistence of a body lotion which is somewhat runny but not watery enough for it to slip off your hand and there was dirty which was in between the both. In the end, we did get the dirty shaving cream which is actually from the lush mens collection of dirty products. Of course my boyfriend wanted the dirty one more because its for MEN XD. Geez. This has "deeply softening spearmint, thyme and tarragon number. Oat milk, shea butter and honey are great for calming irritations and red marks on sensitive chins.."

The girl that was helping us recommened this one for him so I was like sure, why not. My boyfriend still was like, THAT ONE :D. Men...

The girl gave us a sample of Imperial moisturizer for him to see how that goes. I also wanted a sample of lemonly flutter because I always have to wash my hands and I wanted something for my cuticles.

At the cashier when we were paying, I saw this really cute thing on a stick and the girl explained to use that it was a soap for dishes! It was part of the mothers day collection and what you do is you run the soap under water and it will have bubbles and you wash your dishes! This one is a reusable one so you can use it up to a month. All you have to do is just put it somewhere where it will be able to drain :D. Its such a cute small present for mother`s day and it was only $6.95! The packaging is relaly cute too! Its a little green flower with a pink girl and the stick says "Relax, I`ll do the dishes Mom!" Oh by the way, its called the dish fairy! HOW CUTEEEE.

What are your favorites from lush? Have you checked out the mother`s day collection?

*All pictures are mine*

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