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After reading the Twilight saga, I swore that I wouldn`t read another vampire book ever again. I thought my view of vampires was ruined forever, but my friend kept insisting I read this series called Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, and I`m so glad that I did. I highly recommend this series. It`s a young adult (12+ years old) fiction/fantasy series that has action, romance, and comedy.
This is a vampire tale like no other. Richelle Mead did something that not many fantasy authors do, which is research on Romanian folklore and Orthodox Catholic saints, and she used it discreetly within her stories, creating a unique and mesmerizing mystery within the entire series.
One of the other reasons this series is like no other, is because there`s not just one kind of vampire. There are actually 3. The first kind is called a Moroi which are much taller and slimmer than a human, and unlike the typical vampires you read about, if a Moroi goes out into the sunlight, they`ll just feel uncomfortable instead of sparkling or turning into ashes, and their diets consist of blood as well as normal food. Moroi also have the ability to use magic, which they can only use defensively which means they need body guards. Thats where the second type of vampire comes in, which is called a Dhampir. Dhampir is basically a half-breed (half-human/half-vampire) that was originally born from a human and a Moroi and cant reproduce with each other or humans, but only with Moroi. For the Dhampirs to keep their population going they need to stay close to Moroi and keep the Moroi population going, which started the Guardian system. Dhampir have no magical gifts, but theyre very strong, and have reflexes and senses are the same as vampires with endurance from humans, strength that surpasses both humans and Moroi, and on top of all that, they heal faster than humans do. This makes them great Guardians against the enemies. The enemies, is the third kind of vampires, which is known as Strigoi. Strigoi are made, not born theyre undead. There are 2 ways to make a Strigoi: The forceful way is if a Strigoi drinks blood from his victim and then forces that person to drink Strigoi blood which then turns the victim. The other way is by choice, if Moroi purposely kills another person while feeding. Strigoi dont have any magical abilities and cant go into the sunlight or walk on holy ground.
I highly recommend this series. Ive never, EVER been emotionally connected to any books before, and in this series, Ive felt practically every emotion that the main characters did.


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