Vampire Diaries - Episode 3.12 - My Thoughts (Spoilers)

5 years ago

Note: Do not read this post if you haven`t seen this episode yet and don`t want spoilers. I will be giving my thoughts on the episode and will have to summarize some of the plotlines in doing so.

My Thoughts:
This episode was good because it had a lot of different plotlines running in parallel. It seemed that almost every character had something going on.

I thought that Bonnie`s storyline about trying to find her mother was a good one, although I was expecting her mom to be evil and I was even a bit disappointed when she turned out to be okay. I think that Bonnie`s mom may continue to be in future episodes, so I hope they add more dimensions to her. It was interesting that she knew about Elena being the doppleganger. I would like to get more back story on Abby`s relationship with Miranda (Elena`s mother) and why Abby had to dessicate Michael in the first place. I thought they played it well when Bonnie said that Jamie wasn`t Abby`s family and Abby said that he was. The scene wasn`t too sappy or overwrought. The actress for Bonnie played it cool, and I appreciated that.

I also thought that the scene between Stefan and Elena where Elena admits she kissed Damon was very interesting. In the actual scene from a few episodes ago, it looked like Damon had kissed her first, but the way she described it to Stefan, it made it seem like she initiated or at least was kissing Damon back just as much. I thought Stefan`s reaction was predictable even though it didn`t exactly match with his actions in the last few episodes (telling Elena that he knew she was lost to him, not caring about Jeremy, threatening to turn Elena into a vampire, etc.). I don`t want them to get back together at this point because I think that both characters are stronger apart. I would also like to see what could happen between Elena and Damon.

I thought that it was a really good move to bring back Caroline`s dad to help Tyler. Tyler is one of my favourite characters and I think he has matured a lot over the seasons. I think it`s really cool that he and Caroline`s dad will be working together to try to cure Tyler of his sire bond to Klaus. I am predicting that Tyler is going to be really instrumental at the end of the season (or whenever they have a really big, possibly final, showdown with Klaus).

My overall favourite part of the episode was when Elijah was revealed at the end. I enjoy Elijah`s character and I would love it if Rebecca would come back. I would like to see Elijah and Rebecca teaming up against Klaus.

If you watched the most recent Vampire Diaries episode, feel free to leave your comments about it too.

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