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5 years ago

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Haha, I don`t celebrate holidays such as Valentine`s Day but I do enjoy me a good movie. I was a couch potato today and just watched movies all day. Haha, I love this movie. It`s an all star casts and each of them has a problem that revolves around Valentine`s Day. I know a lot of people feel lonely and unwanted because they don`t have someone special to share it with. But truth be told, one should love themselves first and then love others.

One girl (Jennifer Gardner) is in love with a so called MAN and he ends up being a jerk that is already married and just wants a booty call chick on the side. Her friend (Jessica Biel) is an publicist/agent can`t remember lol is trying to find the perfect guy but ends up throwing a huge F VDay party. Lmaol.

Haha pretty funny in my opinion, check out the YT video of her hitting the crap out of that heart piƱata. Lmaolit`s priceless.

Did you watch this movie yet?
How`s your Vday going?

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