Valentines Cupcakes!

3 years ago

This weekend I decided to make some Valentines Day cupcakes - a tradition that I`ve carried on with for the past few years. I love baking and, even though I`m trying to stay away from sugar and sweet things, I couldn`t resist a good cupcake baking session :)

When I bake, I always use recipes and make the batter or dough from scratch. It just tastes way better. The only exception to that is when I make cupcakes like this - I go ahead and grab the Betty Crocker cupcake mix. It happens once in a blue moon since I normally don`t bake cupcakes anyway, lol. You just have to add some oil, water, and eggs.

This special Valentines Day cupcake mix had little red candy pieces (which are really sprinkles, lol) in it. The trick with cupcakes is to fill the mold about 2/3 of the way and then take them out to cool just before they look completely ready (otherwise they will end up a teeny bit on the dry side). They will keep baking internally even after you take them out of the oven for a minute or so.

When it comes to putting frosting on cupcakes, they need to be completely cool first. I opted for pink-colored vanilla frosting rather than strawberry frosting because I`ve used the strawberry frosting in the past and it`s super sweet (even more so than the vanilla, haha). I just used a regular butter knife to apply the frosting. I swirl the cupcake in my hand as I go to get an even coating.

Lastly, I threw on some Valentines Day-themed sprinkles on top! Pretty! I had a couple of the cupcakes myself but left most of them for friends to enjoy :) I love baking and it`s always nice to give things like this to others! <3

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