Vacuum Cleaner for Doggy Poops.

4 years ago

People who have pets who loves to crap everywhere, outside need this seriously! My pet Chihuahua , Lil One may be small, but dang she poops every where on the side concrete. I would`ve to pick it up by hand, but then I use gloves to pick it up! TMI, but yeah! 

What this device would do is to vacuums the pet waste into a disposable bag. Avoid wasting your time bending over. It runs 30,000-rpm motor faster! This will
suck the dogs poops from the following: grass, concrete and snow. This product runs up to $99 and the bags are $19.95 for a 50 packs! Dang! Lol

1. Do you pick up your pets poop by your hand? Gloves?
2. What kind of pets do you have 

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