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To me this is the hardest crunch style out there. heres the procedure:
One should lie on the floor or use an exercise mat with legs kept close to each other. Now take a deep breath to regulate your blood circulation and make your body and mind ready for the physical work. Position in such a way so that your head and shoulder are placed 1 or 2 inches above the ground level and your heels are 2 inches above the ground. Place your hands with palms facing downwards near the hip. Now bring yourself up in this position by bending your knees at 90 degree angle and try to bring your knees near to the chest. Stay in the same position for about 2 seconds and return to the starting position in a very slow and controlled manner. Imagine that you want to basically create a V motion while performing this exercise. Dont impose too much stress on your head during the process and the stress should be applied in the abdomen muscles. This exercise should be repeated for at least 8-12 times and 3 sets for optimum results. However maximum attempts are recommended to impart strain in the abdominal muscles and to burn more belly fats. After finishing the exercise, put your feet back on the floor to sit up in a comfortable position to relax.

It even sounds hard and painful i think im skipping out on this one lol
What do you think is the hardest exercise to do?
What do you think is the easiest?

Photo from: http://blog.partyofdreamers.com/2010/01/10/winter-time-cardio-at-home/

Source link: http://lose-fat-belly.com/v-crunches-lose-belly-fat-exercise.html

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