Using Milk Of Magnesia as an oil controller( Best in My Opinion)

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Now most people are probably intrigued yet confused by my title above but yes Milk Of Magnesia is one of the best and most affordable oil controlling products out there. Many people don`t really know about it and also are peeved by the application of it.

Before I begin to confuse readers I would just like to give an introduction on magnesia, it is a suspension of magnesium hydroxide and is best known for as a laxative to relieve indigestion and heartburn but with research most beauty personnel is realizing that Magnesia can be used as a mattifier.

To further help readers I would give them a detailed step by step method on using this as a mattifier:

Assuming you have cleansed I will move to my first step:

1) Moisterizer?--Some of you may be having questions about if you should or should not use moisterizer since that will make your skin more oily. My recommendation is yes. Why? Simply because in a hot country like where I reside(Trinidad&Tobago) I must always use moisterizer with sunscreen. Therefore placing this on before I put on my moisterizer is necessary. For those living in colder countries where wearing sunscreen everything you leave the house is not application. Please skip this step.

2) Your magnesia most likely comes in a bottle with a cover, throw the amount you wish to use inside the cover. This may vary for everyone depending on the amount of areas on your face you would like to mattify. Most areas are in the T- Zone which should`nt be much.

3) Dip a cotton wool/ round, soaking up some of the magnesia and place it over the areas that you would like to mattify

4) Around this time you would see that the areas you placed the mattifier on is getting white and dry. Please if this hasn`t occured quickly(depending on the room temp) LET IT DRY.

5) Don`t worry about the white dry substance on your face, which you may see seems to be cracking, your liquid/ cream foundations or tinted moisturizers will cover this.

6) Continue with your makeup routine as usual

TIP: If you do not plan on using a foundation/ tinted moisterizer...DO NOT USE THIS...simply because powder cannot cover the white patches magnesia leaves on your face.

I hope this step by step method has helped you all...Magnesia is an amazing mattifier and also cost effective.

WHERE TO FIND THIS?: It can be found in most drugstores/ pharmacies for around 6 dollars I think. For Trinidad&Tobago readers...around $18 TT.

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