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Vaseline has been a product that has been around for ages. I recently dyed my hair at home myself and got the inspiration to write a post about the many uses of this little product. I use Vaseline to put around my hairline, ears, and neck to prevent the dye from staining on your forehead.

I was stumbling online and came across this blog (in the source link below) and thought this was a sign. I needed to write about this. There are tons of old beauty tricks that you can do with a simple tub of Vaseline. Take the time to search online, or check out the source link for further information.

You can purchase Vaseline pretty much anywhere. I recommend that you keep some around the house because you never know what you may need it for.

What I use VASELINE for:

To make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker
To prevent dye on your forehead from hair dye
To heal dry skin on your hands or feet
To moisturize your cuticles, for better looking nails
To help heal chapped lips
To put on my wrists and areas where I apply perfume, to make the scent last longer

Those are the reasons why I use Vaseline. There are several other uses as well. Some of them include:

Moisturizer for acne sufferers
Make a scrub with sea salts
Makeup remover
Use after shaving to smooth your skin
If a ring is stuck on your finger
Helps prevent chaffing
Help heal new tattoos
Help hide split ends
Remove makeup stains on your clothes
Put on top of your manicure for a shiny look
Remove eyelash glue

Please check out the source link below for further information about Vaseline. I hope this helped!

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