Use Those Seashells From The Beach!

2 years ago

Looking for cool seashells at the beach is always fun - but what do you do with the ones you take home with you? Whenever I go to a beach I try to find a unique shell to take home with me as a memento... and I finally decided what to do with them! I put them on display is glass vases and they make for great decor pieces :)

What You Need
-Your seashells
-Glass vase or jar


1. Collect Your Seashells!
This is probably the most fun part :) When you go to the beach, collect some cool shells! Whenever I travel I try to pick up at least one really cool shell for my collection - it`s a neat way to `save` memories!

2. Rinse The Shells
There are a few different ways you can do this. Some people recommend vinegar, others soap, and others baking soda. Personally, I just rinse mine in a colander with gentle soap and some water. And when it comes to getting rid of all the sand, I don`t mind if some of it sticks around (see picture 2)... it keeps the shells looking authentic and beachy!

3. Select Your Display Container
Wherever you want to display your seashells will determine the size and type of vase or jar you want. I have my shells displayed in places - in my living room and in my bedroom. I picture 3, you can see the difference in sizes in the vases I picked. The smaller one sits on my dresser in my room and the larger one is in my living room. Walmart and Target are great places to pick up these types of vases for cheap (and dollar stores normally have them even cheaper!)

4. Fill Vases With Your Shells!
Once you`ve selected your vases, it`s time to fill them up! When filling them, it`s important to consider how the shells will sit and be seen from the outside of the container. I played around with mine a bit so that you could see some of the nicer ones. I did mine so that I ended up with a mix of `casually places` shells and more deliberately placed ones for display purposes (see picture 4). I put the bigger shells in the bigger vase, naturally, so they had more room and allowed for other shells to sit between them.

5. Display and Admire!
Put your vases wherever you please and admire the now beachy feeling surrounding them :) I took one of my bigger and nicer shells and set it beside the bigger vase in my living room as a small accent piece - very cute! Now you`ll think of all your trips to the beach :)

Have you ever done anything cool with the shells you`ve collected from the beach? Let me know!

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