Use Sunflowers To Brighten A Room!

2 years ago

With the arrival of autumn comes new inspiration for decoration. My favorite? The different flowers that come into season this time of year! Sunflowers do grow all year round, but there`s just something very autumn-y about them... probably because of their yellow color and hearty nature :)

Brightening a room with flowers is one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a room. I brought these large, yellow sunflowers inside and into my dining room - which is otherwise very black/white/grey. These flowers did a spectacular job brightening the room up! They add a perfect pop of color!

I always love to choose flowers the go with the current season, and sunflowers are great for this time of year. They`re super low maintenance because they`re a thick-stalked, hearty flower and are pretty big, which means you don`t need a lot of them to make your splash of color. I would love to add more than one vase of them to my apartment and make it a theme... so cute!

So go ahead, grab some sunflowers from your local market, pop them in a vase, and watch them add a splash of vibrant color to your life :) They even come in more orange-y colors, too, so you can really decorate for the fall season!

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