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You may have thought that Baby Shampoo was just for babies, but you are mistaken! Many people use Baby Shampoo for several different things. I absolutely love it and swear by it for many different uses. I mainly use it to wash my face in the shower to help remove eye makeup. I also use it to clean my makeup brushes. You can pick up some Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo at your local drugstore or Target or Walmart. Its only a few bucks, which makes you want to keep a bottle in your house even more. They also have travel sizes bottles which helps on the go or when you are traveling. You can buy the Johnson & Johnson brand, or the generic brand of baby shampoo.

Here are some ways you can use baby shampoo for everyday things. If you want to see a more in depth explanation, check out the website in the source link below. Use baby shampoo if:

§ If you have a zipper thats stuck
§ As a face wash
§ If you want to clean your faucets or chrome
§ To wash your dog
§ If you have a sweater that shrunk
§ To fix leather purses or shoes
§ Use it as a makeup remover
§ Use it as shaving cream in the shower
§ To help remove a band aid
§ To remove makeup
§ To wash brushes (paint brushes or makeup brushes)
§ To wash your delicates

Those are just some of the many MANY ways you can use Baby Shampoo for everyday things. I hope this little tips helped you. Check it out. What do you use baby shampoo for?

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