USB Toaster with Toast Flash Drives

4 years ago

I am a big sucker for cute USB flash drives and this one is the best one I have seen yet. This is the USB Toaster Hub with ports for four different toast flash drives. Unfortunately, <strong>each piece is sold separately</strong>, making this entire thing very, very expensive.

The different flash drives are adorable because they have different faces/personalities... Well, as much personality as an inanimate object can have. You can pick from the four which one you like best if you can`t afford to drop over $128 for everything in the set. You may choose from <strong>Butta, Ry Ry, Crisp, and Tato</strong>. I personally like Butta the best. Look how happy he is! :D

Toaster: </strong>$27.99
<strong>Butta (yellow):</strong> $24.99
<strong>Ry Ry (tan):</strong> $24.99
<strong>Crisp (brown):</strong> $24.99
<strong>Tato (white):</strong> $24.99

Sure, the flash drives are cute, but I don`t know how I feel about its price. $24.99 each is pretty pricey considering they only have a <strong>capacity of 4 GB</strong>. My boyfriend says I could just buy one and switch it out with another flash drive with larger capacity, but that is way too much work for someone as lazy as me. Sigh..... I was so excited when he said he would buy one for me, too. But that was also when I believed the entire set was $25, and not per piece.

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