Usain Bolt splits from girlfriend to focus on London Olympics!

4 years ago

Well that`s what he says atleast. Usain Bolt recently broke it off with his 28 year old Slovakian fashion designer girl friend to focus on the Summer Olympics in London. They were together for just 6 months.

Usain Bolt is famous for his world records in track and field (100m and 200m).

In recent interviews I saw Bolt stating that he wants to break his record and he seems a bit obsessed on beating his time.

I can understand why he may want to focus on his running alone at this time but breaking up with your girlfriend to focus better seems like a pretty weak reason to me. I mean are women that distracting? LOL

I think the real reason behind the split (if they really are broken up at all) may be due to media pressure on the couple and the fact that Jamaicans are not a fan of the inter-racial couple. I saw some comments and people were pissed he chose a Caucasian girlfriend. A lot of people idolise Bolt in his country, so it is a big deal who he dates.

In that case I can see why he would want to break it off so that all his energy could be put into training for the Olympics.
I am sure he would make up back with her after the olympics.

It is sad if they actually broke up because of media pressure.

I am a huge Bolt fan and I wish him luck in the Olympics and hope things work out with his girlfriend.

1) Do you believe he broke up wit his gf because he wants to focus on the Olympics?
2) Would you date an Olympic athlete?

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