U.S. Army develops a gun-style Star Wars

The U.S. Army is developing a weapon that shoots through a lightning channel laser induced plasma.

The original name is Laser-Induced Plasma Channel or LIPC. Simplifying the concept, it is a gun that shoots lightning. The laser is emitted in a very small fraction of time, one billion times less than one second, and serves to carry the shot. The air that comes into contact with the laser is turned into plasma, a state between solid and liquid matter, and create a channel for the lightning.

Lightning may be used against any target that has better electrical conductivity than air and the ground, ie, any electronic equipment is included. The huge burst of energy carried by the gun can also be used to trigger explosive distance.

According to George Fischer, a scientist in charge of the project Picatinny Arsenal, told the official website of the U.S. military, the system is based on solid concepts of physics. But adaptation to the military world and make still put some technical obstacles. The gun has been tested in late January 2012 with very promising results - a fact which further motivated the team to continue developing the project.

It seems that before long George Lucas to change the beginning of the saga of Star Wars films for "In a galaxy not so very far away ..".

Source link: http://www.gadgetreview.com/2011/11/10-top-stars-wars-weapons.html

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