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So i was out and about with my sister and mom in downtown, Toronto yesterday and we decided to stop by Urban Outfitters, which i love, and i got a couple of things!
I must say that UO is pretty pricey, and their clothing is quite plain and simple, but they did have a bunch of things on sale, and for pretty good prices, so heres what i got :

I was so excited when i found this, because i loved it. I am in need of some sweaters because its getting super cold in Canada now, and plus this is so cute with the tribally skull on the front. It is a dark blue colour, with a lighter blue for the skull and i got this for only $19.99 on sale, yay!

So my sister already wore this shirt, but i got this for $19.99 as well! It is like a high-low top, which is longer in the back than the front, and it has a cool graphic design on the front in white and yellow. Pretty cool design, and i needed a flowy tee!

So i was so excited when i found this, and i got this for half off! YAY! So i got this for $29.99, and i love it. It is a sleeveless blouse, which is black and a button up. And then near the collar has a red and blue leopard print. I love it, and it seems so cute, and it is something that i dont have!

So the last top i got was this "peter pan" shirt, which is basically like the collar is based on the Disney character! Hehe, i actually have a shirt like this, but this was so cute with the black collar and plain white long sleeve. Its so cute, and great for winter time! I got this for $14.99 which is super good, and i cannot wait till i wear this!

Anyway, that is all from this haul! And i hope y`all enjoyed it!

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