Urban Outfitters Bloody Kent State Sweatshirt

2 years ago

Recently Urban Outfitters has been under fire after releasing a `bloody` Kentucky State sweatshirt that has offended many. As an UO shopper, when I first saw this sweatshirt I didn`t think much of it and I didn`t necessarily offend me because I didn`t think OU would purposely put out a `bloody` clothing item to profit off of such a tragic event [4 college students being shot while protesting the Vienam War]. When I first laid eyes on this item, I didn`t even think the design was meant to be blood. It just looked like a normal, ever-so-trendy `destroyed` sweatshirt. And since Urban Outfitters demographic are teens and young adults, I don`t even think most of the shoppers would know the implication of the sweatshirt even if they thought it had a blood design.
However, Urban Oufitters has taken this item off of their website and claimed that it `sold out`, however most people are claiming that they took it down because of the controversy.
So what do you think? Was this purposely done to profit off of the loss of four lives or is UO just mindlessly creating clothing that happened to offend many?

Source link: http://www.wdsu.com/money/urban-outfitters-pulls-offensive-sweatshirt/28064762

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