Urban Legend 1: Baby Blue

6 years ago

I`m addicted to Urban Legends....so I figured I`d write a few artiles on that! Here`s one I knew as a kid. The mirrors always seemed to scare me and my uncle knew it so he told me about this!

Baby blue is a baby who was murdered by his psychotic mother. Nobody knows his real name. His mother murdered him by shattering a mirror and stabbing him to death with a shard of glass.

To summon baby blue, you go into the bathroom (i suggest with at least one other friend) and fog up a mirror. You know how the mirror gets all foggy after you take a shower or something? You can do the same thing by turning on hot water for a while.

Write "Baby Blue" in the mirror fog. Turn off the light and wait a minute. Hold out your arms like you are going to carry a baby. One of you will feel a weight in your arms, like a very heavy baby. You have to hold him for a while, then you can pass him to the next person. if you drop the baby while holding or passing him, youll get a scratch on your arm. Drop him twice, get another scratch. Drop him three timeshell shatter the mirror and stab you to death.

Crazy huh?

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