Urban Decay`s Sin vs. Benefit`s RSVP

5 years ago

First of all, I`d like to point out this is not a dupe post since both products are the same price, but I thought I`d share my thoughts on the similarities and dissimilarities between Urban Decay`s primer potion in Sin and Benefit`s cream eyeshadow in RSVP.

I purchased the primer potion for $19, and I got RSVP in a little Benefit kit that cost just $10, but the full size version cost $19 as well. Both can be purchased at Sephora.

This morning, I pulled out RSVP because I wanted a quick, light wash of color all over the lid, and it just happened to be the one sitting on top of the makeup stack, so I grabbed it, but as I put it on, it reminded me of something...and I didn`t realize it was Sin until I swatched them side by side.

Left swatch: Urban Decay`s Sin, Right swatch: Benefit`s RSVP

Sin and RSVP are both a gorgeous champagne shade. Sin is meant to be used as a primer underneath shadows, but it can certainly be worn alone as well. RSVP is a cream eyeshadow that`s just as versatile. You can hardly tell which is which in the swatches, right?

Both products are lightweight, creamy, blend well, and offer beautiful luminance to the skin. Both do their jobs as bases in enhancing eyeshadows, but look great when worn alone too.

There are a few noticeable differences, though. For one, RSVP isn`t as good as Sin when it comes to application. With Sin, I can swipe the product on with the wand, blend, and I`m done. With RSVP, while it may blend well, it doesn`t go on evenly. I find that I need to dip my fingers multiple times in the product to get a decent wash of color. It`s great that RSVP is so buildable, but compared to Sin, I`d rather swipe, blend, and go instead of apply, apply some more, blend for a while, and done.

Another thing I`ve noticed between the two is longevity. RSVP isn`t as long lasting or durable as Sin is. Not only does RSVP fade after a few hours and loses its luminance, but it creases too, which I found quite interesting because this product claims it doesn`t. Now, I`m not talking about major creasing or anything, but I mean, it`s noticeable. Additionally, it`s not water proof...

After thoroughly washing my hands, Sin`s luminance remains while RSVP is completely gone.

I love both products, and would easily recommend them. I`ve been using RSVP more lately just because it`s been on top of the pile, not because I prefer it to Sin, but if someone asked for my opinion on which one of the two he or she should get, I`d suggest Sin.

Do you own either or both of these products?


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