Urban Decay Supercurl Curling Mascara First Impressions

5 years ago

Hello hello my fellow luuuxers! its been a century and more since the last time I posted so I thought I would make my first post on a mascara made my one of my favorite high end makeup brands urban decay :)

First off let me start by saying, urban decay is by far, one of the top brands I turn too when it comes to cosmetics. They have stuff that does what it says it does but sadly I was a bit disappointed by this mascara.
Now the mascara I`m going to be talking about is the urban decay supercurl curling mascara. Okay, I`m EXTREMELY picky when it comes to mascara. Reasons being...
1. I have a monolid and if you have a monolid, you would know how annoying it is to work with at times...especially with your lashes seeing as the lid skin droops over your lashes.Making it so much more prone to smudges from eyeliner and mascara
2. I have fairly normal asian lashes. Meaning, they`re kinda on the thin side, not to long, and difficult to work with.
So what I need from a mascara is for it to be lengthening and to hold my curl through any kind of weather (which is why I mainly go for waterproof mascara). This mascara sadly....didnt live up.
first the packaging is beautiful which is why I was so drawn to it when I got the mini in the UD book of shadows palette. and the brush seemed to be the kind I like. plastic brush with regular length rubber brissles, and curved. But sadly the formula was killer.
as you can see in the scary third picture (dark circles and puffy eyes due to lack of sleep and just came back from work when I took this.) that is my eye with my lashes in its natural state. The fourth picture is my lashes when its curled. Much better right? :) The fifth picture is my lashes with the mascara. Right off the back you can tell my lashes still have a curl but not as dramatically as before. But I will add it did curl my lashes slightly
this is only a first impression so I will update later but as for now I wouldnt recommend this to people with monolids

*pictures are all mine and of my naked eye*

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