Urban Decay Primer Potion

4 years ago

Although the genie bottle packaging isnt quite everyones cuppa. And Ive nearly sliced a finger or two off trying to get the last of the primer out of the bottle, in the end, I realized it wasnt worth it.

When it was released in a tube I think the world stopped. A tube? Really? This was the packaging we needed, we wanted, we had to havethis was nirvana.



I purchased a tube and was very happy with it but realized it had a six month use up periodI couldnt get through it. Particularly because it was the major size, like major size. Prior to the six month period I noticed the formula got super hard to squeeze out of the tube and morphed slightly

Not good.

Tossed it!

I purchased a second tube, smaller size.this formula was crap-tastic. I literally stopped using it after a week. I find that Primer Potion is thinner in the genie bottle versus the thickness of the smaller tube. I dunno maybe I sound odd but the smaller tube versus the larger tube versus the genie bottleeach formula was different.my main beef with the smaller tube was it reminded me of Shadow Insurance (which I hate) but didnt have separating issues like Shadow Insurance. Secondly, my shadow was NOT bulletproofI experienced a quite a bit of creasing with this new formula.

Moral of the story?

I bottle it.

No more tubin for me.

Thank GOD, Urban Decay still kept the original package. I hope they continue to do so. For me, its worth the hassle of using the genie bottle.

Do you tube it?

Or bottle it?

Did you feel the smaller tubes had a bit of a different formula compared to genie bottles?

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