Urban Decay Naked2 Review

As early birthday present I got the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. I`ve never bought anything of this brand, but I had my eye on this one from the moment it was released. There are many reviews available on the internet, but I wanted to give my opinion anyway. Most people are very satisfied with this palette, but I do have some negative points.

The packaging:

I don`t have much to criticize on the packaging. The pallet has a good, sturdy, tin box and the size is also handy to take along on trips. It looks rather luxurious and sits tightly. The palette will certainly not just fall open. According to owners of the first palette this did happen sometimes with the first one. The packaging of this pallet seems much better than the first palette. It`s definitely stronger and it doesn`t become as fast dirty.

The colours:

All colours look piece by piece very nice. I am not entirely satisfied with the quality. There are three matte colours in the palette and all other colours have shimmer. The matte colours don`t give a lot of colour, Which Is a pity! You have to rub the eye shadow a few times for a better effect. The other colours do look better, but some of them crumble a little bit.


You also get a two sided eye shadow brush and a little lipgloss with the palette. In my opinion the brush feels and blends quite good. The little lipgloss is made with peppermint which make your lips tingle a bit and thickens them. The colour of the lipgloss is very soft and not very striking.

website where I bought the palette :

My pallet is from the website BuyaPowa. Normally, you can only order things there if you live in the United Kingdom, but because a good friend of mine is on Erasmus there at the moment, I got the chance to get the palette cheaper.

I`m not sure what to think of the fact that I got the palette for 10 pound less. Elsewhere I think I`ve gotten a pallet with less better finishing and quality as normal. Two of the twelve eye shadows are tilted in the pallet. I just leave it, because I am afraid that I`m going to ruin the eye shadow completely.

Final conclusion:

It`s certainly not a bad pallet! Not cheap but you get quite a lot for your money. I guess I`ve had some bad luck and got a poor palette. The colours themselves are pretty good to work with and so far mine only crumble in the palette but not on my eyes or my face. I wanted the Naked1 pallet too, but I`m not

sure if I will give the money on a second one. Maybe one pallet is enough.


+ Lovely colours

+ Handy to travely

+ Good for daily make up/ Natural looks

+ Colours do blend good


- Quite expensive (But you get 12 eye shadows, a brush and a lipgloss)

- Not much matt shadows and not so good quality matt eye shadows

- Some of the eyeshadows crumble a bit.

- Finishing of my palette isn`t very good.

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