Urban Decay Naked Palette

3 years ago

Okay, so I buy all my makeup from drugstores, so I couldn`t understand why an eyeshadow palette would cost close to $50. But after seeing all the hype about it, and seeing how pretty the colors looked I decided to check it out. I went to Sephora and lightly ran my finger over the "Half Baked" color. I was surprised to see a highly pigmented beautiful gold swatch on my finger. I could immediately tell the difference between this shadow and those you`d buy from a drugstore. If butter came in a powder form, this is what it would feel like. And after it got it on my finger, I rubbed it against my arm, expecting the color to wear off; usually, with cheap eyeshadows, you rub your fingers together and the color`s gone. Not with this one.

Also I have heard many people say that this is *the* palette for creating almost any look you can imagine (that doesn`t involve bright colors), and upon seeing the colors in person, I think so, too. The packaging is also quite sophisticated looking and compact. Seeing that these are so pigmented, I also imagine they will last quite a while.

My only complaint about this product is that I know it used to come with an eyeliner. Now it comes with a brush (still has the small primer bottle). While the brush is very nice (looks too nice to even use), I would much prefer the eyeliner. It`s sort of silly that they bumped up the price for the brush, when I think most people would rather have the eyeliner, as I`ve heard that Urban Decay`s liners are incredibly smooth.

SO that being said, I still think this product is overpriced, but it is probably worth your money. You won`t be disappointed with the quality. And because the colors in this palette are so great, I can see this becoming my go-to palette for daily wear. If you have this palette and you`re traveling, you don`t need to carry much else with you as far as eye makeup goes, other than eyeliner and mascara. Oh and there are LOTS of great tutorials on Youtube using this palette, as it is SO popular, so have fun!

Source link: http://www.amazon.com/Urban-Decay-Naked-Palette/dp/B004ITB3IW/ref=pd_rhf_gw_s_cp_1_X4RV

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