Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV (Review amp Swatches)

5 years ago

This is one of the other things I got in my Urban Decay package a few days ago. I didn`t go in depth on it then, but I will right now hahah. I`m sure a bunch of people have already done a post on this, but I may as well too. This palette is currently on sale on UD`s website for $44 (Orig. $64). This palette also features 16 (10 new) eyeshadows, 2 travel sized products, 1 full sized product, and 2 techy gadgets w/ digital look card. Here`s everything it comes with:

- Eyeshadows:
"Blue Bus" (NEW)
"Cobra" (NEW)
"Bender" (NEW)
"Gravity" (NEW)
"Lost" (NEW)
"Hijack" (NEW)
"Midnight Cowgirl"
"Midnight Rodeo"
"Crystal" (NEW)
"Bust" (NEW)
"Missionary" (NEW)
"Zephyr" (NEW)

- 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in "Perversion" (Full Size):
I love how this is a full size. It really is a nice dark black, and the fact that it`s waterproof is awesome. I am head over heels for the tiny brush it has! Normally they are huge and hard to work with.

- Supercurl Curling Mascara (Travel Size):
I haven`t gotten a chance to use this yet, but The brush is thin but curved. I`ve never tried an UD mascara so hopefully it`s good!

- Original Primer Potion in Squeeze Tube (Travel Size):
This is my first Primer Potion in a squeeze tube. I don`t like it! You have zero control over how much comes out! I`m also not really a big fan of the Original PP anyways. I wish they would`ve thrown in a different shade but whatever.

- Logo Speaker Keychain, Chord, and Digital Look Card:
This is so dumb. I hate that this is even in the palette. This was the reason the original price was so high. It`s pretty useless if you don`t have the right phone. All around bad idea.

- 14 of the shadows are new to me
- Most eyeshadows are pigmented
- Includes full-sized eyeliner
- Includes new products
- Cute packaging
- Is finally on sale

- Includes "Gunmetal" and "Baked", which are in basically every UD palette and are continues repeats in my collection now
- The Primer Potion is in Tube and "Original", I prefur the vintage bottle and dislike the original formula
- Some shadows are way too sheer
- Palette is very heavy
- The tech pieces cannot be used by everyone and caused the price to raise
- The drawer that the products are in has no space between the eyeshadows and the top of the palette, causing some of the eyeshadows so smear when you open it
- The top of the palette does not stay open on it`s own very well, nor do the cute butterflies stand up on their own

I do like this palette. Well, the products (most of them) in it. A few of the products I dislike already or just didn`t live up to my expectations. I also disliked how a few products in it were repeats. I seriously have "Gunmetal" and "Baked" in like all of my UD palettes, and they aren`t even that pretty honestly. The eyeshadows besides those, and a few select others, are very pigmented and pretty. I love how they threw in a full sized liquid eyeliner, and I really like it. I`m looking forward to trying the mascara out also. I do not like PP in the Original formula, so I wished they would`ve tossed in something else, and I cannot stand the squeeze tube, they shouldn`t have changed it. The tech stuff is useless to most people. Although the packaging is really cute, I am disappointed in it`s performance. At it`s current $44 price tag, I wouldn`t get it again. If the price was lowered again in the future, THEN go for it. Let me know how you guys feel about it! xox

The swatches are all in the same order that they appear in the palette. However, they are turned. The top row of shadows in the palette are the LEFT row on me. The bottom row is the far RIGHT row. Get it?

Hope this was helpful! Thoughts?

*Photos are MINE.

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