Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

Urban Decay is back on http://Hautelook.com and ends tomorrow, April 11th, at 6am PT. One of the more popular items for only $24 is the Book of Shadows IV.

It includes:
|16 eyeshadows (0.48 oz. each)
|Supercurl Curling Mascara (0.18 oz.)
|24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (0.058 oz.) - Perversion
|Eyeshadow Primer Potion
|Portable speaker key chain
|USB cord & 3.5 mm jack
|Card w/ QR codes

What I think is unique about this palette is the mess of electronic crap that it comes with. If you have a smartphone with a QR reader app, then you can scan the QR codes with your phone and it will play videos that teach you how to use these products. If you hook up the portable speaker with the USB cord, then you can listen to it with relatively decent volume.

The packaging is very extravagant and over the top with the graphics and the butterflies. However I find it excessive and useless. So I think I`ll eventually depot the shadows and throw the box away.

I know most people buy this for the eye shadows, but I wanted the eyeliner and curling mascara, because I heard they got good reviews. Like I always say, I like to buy name brand items in bundles/kits, because each individual item is usually cheaper. Also, they usually come in smaller sizes which is good for me, because I never use up the makeup items that I purchase.

I guess I`m a sucker for gimmicks, because I did want the portable speaker too. It might have been the selling point for me. I think it`s going to be a lot of fun to bring on trips and plug it into your phone and listen to music! Now hopefully I`m not my oblivious, clumsy self who loses tiny miniature items.

Plus, this palette has been on sale everywhere.
1st it was on http://Hautelook.com a few weeks ago for $29.00 and I passed on it, because I thought I don`t need this.
2nd it was on sale on http://Urbandecay.com and it still is.
3rd I think some people have mentioned they saw it for around the same price at Nordstrom Rack.

I finally caved from being bombarded with so much Urban Decay advertising what a good bargain this is and bought it from http://urbandecay.com. But one palette is not enough to get free shipping, because you have to spend at least $50. I think some items do no count towards free shipping, such as nail polish, because it`s flammable and must be shipped by air.
(So what I did was I bought two and sold the second one on Amazon ... hehehehe.)


My thoughts on the shadows:

Color selection is really great. I love gem tones and practically all the colors are gem tones, lots of greens, purples, blues. There`s 2 shimmery dark colors. Gunmetal is like a cool-toned black almost with silvery types of shimmer, whereas Cobra is a warmer black with golden shimmer.
The two bottom rows are mostly neutral colors that are great for blending, highlighting, et cetera.

They are mostly glitter shadows. In fact, I think they are all glitter or shimmer or satin. Some of the more shiny ones have really thick chunks of glitter, making them sort of chalky and creates a decent amount of fallout. You can see from some of my finger swatches how chalky the eye shadows are. I think that if the shadows weren`t as chalky, then they might have better color payoff . I`m no expert, but someone who is more experienced and really knows how to work with powdery products should not have any problem.

Supercurl Curling Mascara:

I`ve yet to try the mascara, but I`m eager to test it out. One thing I didn`t like right off the bat was all the excess product at the end of the wand, but I`ve yet to find a mascara that does not do that, even the ones that claim to have a wipe off the end of the brush upon pulling it out of the tube.
This is my first mascara with this type of curved wand. I`ve always meant to purchase one of these, but never got around to it. Let`s see if this baby really does curl in a `super` way.

24/7 Waterproof Liquid Liner:

At first I noticed the tip was really thin and very pointed, which will probably make it easy to draw an outline of the eye. Then I noticed that it is a brush tip and not felt tip. I usually prefer felt tip, because the stiffness of it makes it easier to work with. This brush tip however is very thin, like a nail polish striper type of brush, so it probably will still be easy to work with. I made this line with my left hand and I am right-handed. (Although I would like to be ambidextrous). I`m not the best at putting on liquid eyeliner, but I thought I did an okay job considering I was using my left hand, and it looks like it winged out pretty nicely

Gimmicky Goodies: QR Code Card | USB Cord | Speaker

Here is the speaker plugged into my phone with the 3.5 mm jack. (Anybody from the Droid family out there?) Radio usually uses headphones or anything with a 3.5 mm jack as the antennae to receive a signal. Knowing that I don`t have to use my headphones, but I can use this speaker which comes with a keychain is pretty cool to me! The sound quality is not so good, but I don`t expect crisp, clear sound from a tiny speaker that came with a makeup set. I`m already planning to take this toy on my next vacation.

Hautelook has a good selection of Urban Decay items right now, but this is the only item I have, so that`s why I wanted to show it. If you miss the Hautelook sale, it`s okay, because it`s still on sale on the Urban Decay website for $5 more. If you decide there are other things on the UD site you`d prefer to buy over the items from the Hautelook UD sale, then I suggest you purchase from the UD site over Hautelook. After shipping you`ll pay around $31 for this palette anyway.

Thank you for listening to me ramble and have a great evening!
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