UPDATED Review: Blackhead Scrub Pad (and Comparison)

So I did a previous review on another "blackhead scrub pad." You can check out my first review here:

Let`s call that particularly pad, type A and we`ll call this one type B. I`ll be doing a review on type B and a sort-of comparison of the two. As you know, I bought type A at Daiso in California for $1.50. Type B, I purchased on http://Amazon.com in a two-pack for $5, but free to me with a $5 gift card. You can also find this at Sephora for the same price for one: http://www.sephora.com/precision-pore-cleansing-pad-P262041

So the problem I found with type A was that it was flimsy.

The handle was terribly designed, so it didn`t help the problem at all. Type B was exactly what I was looking for or so I thought, but to my horror, it was more flimsy! I think the level of "flimsiness," however, can really be attributed more to the manufacturer or the product rather than the actual type itself, but flimsiness is a big issue because it makes it difficult to use the product. You have to hold it carefully and it really slows you down, but all that aside... I live with it and I definitely prefer type B to type A.

First off, notice that this product has two textures on it. I think the larger "nubs" on the bottom are actually grips for your thumb and yes, they perform well as such.

Second, the handles are alright. Performance-wise, they are only slightly better than type A when trying to keep the tool from slipping out of your hands. The neat thing here is that they are actually suction cups. I don`t know if this was intentional or not in the design, but you can stick them to your mirror and forget about them. Pretty neat, right?

Alright, so last thing and this is the most crucial factor: the "bristles." I didn`t notice this difference previous to purchasing this product, but type A`s bristles aren`t really bristles at all. They`re just rounded nubs, almost like the grip on type B, but more densely packed together and they (type A bristles) extend a little further outwards. It doesn`t really feel like it does anything.

Type B bristles, however, are more legitimate. They lather up product better and actually feels like it`s doing something. My skin feels cleaner after using this product (with cleanser) versus not using it. Also, regular usage has kept the dry (and very painful!) skin around my nose at bay -- a huge plus in my book.

I said that was the last thing, but I just have to note one more thing: the shape. Type A has a contoured point which I appreciate, but I can`t say it made the product more helpful. I didn`t have trouble getting type B into and around crevices, I guess thanks to the flimsiness of it.

If you can`t afford a Clarisonic or maybe even your skin is too sensitive for that, I would highly recommend giving these a try.

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