Update I : Troubles and Worrying

4 years ago

I`ve haven`t been here on luuux for quit some time some of you might know that i don`t often stay off here for more then a week.. So i just tought i would do an update for you guys to let you know where i`ve been and what was going on.

Well i guess just reading the title says enough, these couple of weeks were really hell on earth. My baby girl was such a silent and good baby the first weeks but then she started crying allot and when we would pick her up she would give us a hard time holding her and she was really unhappy. At first i tought she had reflux, that`s when a babies food comes back up and that`s really painfull for a little kid. After visiting the docter every 2 days he coulnd`t find what was wrong and i was getting so desperate.. My baby girl was in pain and they couldn`t find what was wrong.

I decided to stop going with this doctor and go straight to a specialised doctor. He lived 30 minutes away but he start searching for what was wrong and he found it after a week! thank god!

During my pregnancy my girl was laying different then other babies. a little twisted and during the pregnancy the doctor told me it wouldn`t be a problem and the delivery would be good. Well everything went great during the pregnancy and short after but now turns out her hips were influenced by the way she was laying. Her hips are growing the wrong way and because she`s growing so fast her hips keep growing the wrong way and that simply hurts.

Now i spend all my days going to hospitals, running my household and doing good on my new job. Yes you read it right, i got a new job! I did an eveningschool to become a teacher and found a job at my local school. I have multiple classes and each of them have 2 houres of reading and talking about books. It`s called dutch class, but at my class we don`t study grammar but books and what`s in them. Examine the story and the characters. Such a fun job to do!

But with this new job and the troubles with my baby girl it was so hectic! Last week Kayleigh got this instrument she has to wear 8 houres a day to make sure her hips will grow normal when she grows up. She still has to go to the hospital every week to get check ups and have ultrasounds to make sure her hips are growing right and to make sure the instrument does the job well.

It`s kinda hard now but in the end it will be worth it because normally she can drop this instrument in 6 months! Next to that i did a swap with Nicole, now i send my package out before the whole trouble with my girl but my post office told me Spain has a hectic economy and the post offices have been in trouble with letters and packages `dissapearing`. Now i hope my came because unfortunately i didn`t receive mine..

After all my baby girl is doing fine now and the job is going well so hopefully everything will go up from here!

~ picture is mine, do not take ( it`s my baby girl wearing the instrument for her hips).

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