Up in the Air: the lighter, higher

4 years ago

Hello luuuxers, How much weight we carry on our shoulders? Maybe it`s time to look at what we are loading while walking, and if it really is all so necessary. You have the nerve to empty the bag? How far would you go to practice the art of detachment? One day I read somewhere that all you need to live it in a list of only 100 items. Nothing more. For the attached, the idea may sound cruel, but think this list is almost feel the sense of relief on his shoulders. It would be a much more lightweight, all of us. This is the detachment provides: freedom and lightness. Or not? Choices and consequences - nothing more, nothing less. This is the central theme of the movie "Up in the Air" starring George Clooney. The film looks like a romantic comedy, but goes beyond, way beyond. The film proposes a dense reflection of our choices, our choices - and how we deal with them in a context and individualistic. I loved seeing and encourage everyone to see ...

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