Unusual movies: Gummo

4 years ago

I love movies. A lot. I`ve got to watch at least a few a week. I just love how you can immerse yourself in them and be completely intertwined in other peoples lives for a few hours. It`s an escape from reality and every day life. Of course big hollywood movies and chick flicks are great but sometimes I just want to watch something unusual. Indie films with small budgets such as Slacker are great and recently I found a film called Gummo. Watching it I felt intrigued and shocked. It`s strange. Unusual. It doesn`t have a particular story line and most characters aren`t in any way related to one another. The movie is based on the residents of a town in Ohio. The lighting is pretty dark and moody the whole time and the whole feel is depressing. The people are seriously weird and you feel a little uncomfortable although some of the scenes were inspiring. The music in this is raw and amazing. If you`re tired of always watching cliched hollywoood flicks, watch this. Although I wouldn`t recommend if you`re under 15 or if you`re pretty close minded.

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