UNU charging case for iphone 4 amp 4s

4 years ago

Hello everybody! Today i wanted to share with you the new charging case i got for my iphone 4s, for those of you who own a iphone...you already know that the battery life is pretty crappy...i can have it charged all night and before 8PM comes around im already searching for a charger or an outlet to charge my phone. I was browsing around slickdeals a couple of weeks ago and one of the trending deals was this UNU charging case, i`ve only heard of mophie charging cases cause apparently thats the "go to" one but it averages from 40-75 bucks depending where you buy it and i think thats just a ridiculous price for a iphone charger....so i did my research and on amazon this case had pretty good reviews its comparable to the mophie at a fraction of the cost i got this charging case for 25bucks shipped at http://www.woot.com which is a site that offers deals of random items daily... once it arrived i charged it over night and tested it out.... HANDS DOWN this is the best 25 bucks i`ve ever spent my phone was down to 10% when i was at work and for those who are attached to their phone like me thats practically a CRISIS!!! i plugged my case into my phone and theres a very conveinet button to press in the back of the case to turn it on that way if you dont want to charge your phone you can just keep the case on for protection, after about 30 minutes or so my phone was completely charged, im not sure how long the mophie or mophie air takes to completely charge your phone but if the UNU can do the exact same job for a fraction of the price i dont see the point of spending more.

I would highly recommend this UNU charging case for iphone 4 & 4s it has a capacity of 1700mAh its so easy to use and very light weight!

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