Unstick a Nail Polish Bottle!

4 years ago

If you own a lot of nail polish, then you know, you sometimes have to deal with the bottle getting stuck and you cant open it! The worst!

Now don`t being going a throwing away that polish! We can save it!

Now there are many different ways that you can find on the internet, this is just the way that has worked in my personal experience.

-Fill a short glass or bowl with warm/hot water
-place the bottle with the cap gping in fit, making sure the end of the "lid" is covered in the water.
-wait about 5 minutes
-You now should be able to open the bottle, if not repeat.

If it is a matter that the lid is too slick, and you cn`t get a grip, tie a rubber band around, giving your hand something to grab on to.

To make sure this doesnt happen again, clean off the bottle, with nail polish remover or nail polish thinner.


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Source link: http://www.alllacqueredup.com/2009/12/nail-tip-loosening-stuckon-bottle-caps.html#.UT0jPRza-B8

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